Sitting in the Exit Row

“Oh you’re seated in the exit row? Hm, uhm how old are you?” “I’m 19” “Oh! Great! Have a nice flight”

Thanks lady, I know I look young, but do I really look like I’m 14 to you? Whatever. I traded my 16B middle seat to 9F window seat, and guess what? I’m in the hot seat. That’s right ladies and gents I’m in the exit row, window seat. I essentially have the entire plane’s lives in my hands, well sorta. At least I would like to think.

I get to row 9, have to give the lady sitting in the aisle seat the awkward eye trying to tell her that I’m in this row. She stands and we do that uncomfortable body shimmy where I move in and she moves out. So we sit there, waiting for our middle seat guy and I look up ahead and it’s almost like you just know whom you’re going to get paired with. This skinny guy with some gnarly 5 o’clock shadow, a red off brand soccer jersey, wearing a Zoo York backpack comes bumbling in, perfect. If we aren’t your top 3 picks for the saviors of the plane, I don’t know who else it would be.

So the theory is, I bust open the door, throw the door out of the plane and me, Zoo York and the lady help to usher the passengers off the plane and onto safe ground or water.

It’s funny how much power I feel like I have in this seat. I was just given this power cause I’m above the age of 15, I can speak English and I have some little diagram on my tray table that tells me how to remove the door and save the day. Who gave me the right? Last night I was in 16B but I decided to change it so I wouldn’t have to be in the middle of two strangers trying to take a nap. So with literally 3 clicks, all of the sudden I am qualified to bust open the door, and help all passengers off the plane with the help of my fearsome pair in the leather seats next to me.

(Riveting Segway into faith)

“Father to the fatherless and protector of the widows is God in his holy habitation…but the rebellious dwell in a parched land” Psalm 68:5-6

My God is a god of grace and love and mercy but my God is a god of wrath. All he asks of me is to follow him and believe in him. I have not posted in awhile because I’ve gone through a month of basically no excitement in faith or excitement for pursuing the Lord. I have not had doubt in The Lord, I trust him and love him, but this last month I have just had stagnant faith. But wait, am I, are we called to have stagnant faith? Am I called to love him and proclaim him even in the times of low activity and low excitement? Absolutely. Actually, that’s exactly what faith is. Faith is trusting in him whether you feel his presence or not. It’s the trust in his holy plan even without a scripted manual of what is to come.

It’s so cool that even though I sit here in my stagnant, exit row faith, I never have to worry if I’m going to make it off the “plane”. Talking to my roommate before the flight we were talking about how I was sitting in the exit row and the conversation went a little like this, “Well, I’d rather be in a window seat” “Yeah and plus the chances of you actually needing to do something are like one in a million” “True, I’ve sat in the exit row like 5 or 6 times, I’m fine” But how often do we really lay ourselves out there? Jesus is that one in a million. How many chances are we given in life to step out in faith and lead those around us and we don’t take it? (I’m not saying just open the literal exit door and start ushering people out, that would just…yeah don’t do that) I’m saying how many chances are we given to disciple or even just live in a godly way to share the love of Christ and we don’t take it? Jesus busts open the exit door for us and leads everyone to safety. All we have been called to do is be the awkward Zoo York backpack, soccer jersey wearing disciple who just aids in the saving of those around us.

It’s okay to not be on a spiritual high or even a spiritual low. (Spiritual lows are a good thing. I define spiritual lows as a time of struggle and pain. In those moments we are in theory supposed to run towards the Lord and seek his refuge and strength. The mistake we make is we do the complete opposite; we get mad at Him and refute him when really he just wants us to grow closer to him. Weakness is absolutely God breathed so remember that.) Faith is that middle ground. We are called to pursue him even when we don’t feel him pursuing us. You’re going to get results where you put in work. If you are feeling a period of stagnation, open your bible, turn on some Hillsong and just see what he has to say, I bet you can find something in those 66 books that’ll speak some truth into your life.


One thought on “Sitting in the Exit Row

  1. Just what I needed to read this morning. Not because I am waiting for a flight to depart….and I am in an exit row… But because your message of keeping close to God all of time is something I have not done but must commit myself to do. Thank you Sam!

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